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Paul Marshallsea,grandfather wrestles shark, man wrtestlse shark

Image: YouTube screenshot

A Welsh man vacationing in Australia’s Bulcock Beach has become a hero after he “wrestled” a shark back into the water moments as it approached small children playing in the shallow waters on Monday.

Paul Marshallsea, 62, was on a month long vacation with his family on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast when he saw a dusky shark swim into the shallow waters of Bulcock Beach, according to a report from Sky news who happened to have reporters at that location for another event.

The video shows Marshallsea and another man attempt to move the shark away from shore, in an effort to keep it away from the people playing in the waters of Bulcock Beach. The first man fiercely pulled the shark by its tail, whipping it around in the water, followed by Marshallsea, who ever-so-gently nudged the misguided shark back into the ocean.

Several reports claim that the Marshallsea “wrestled” the shark away from the beach, preventing an attack from the dusky shark, which can reportedly grow as big as 14 ft. long and weigh in at 765 lb. Upon review of the video, Marshallsea handled the shark with kid-gloves, coaxing it back out to sea with very little effort.

Reports have also called Marshallsea a “hero”, which does fit considering his heroic actions on the Australian beach this past weekend.

Besides saving lives on Australian beaches, Marshallsea is also a grandfather from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales.

A lifesaver from the beach told Sky News that sharks usually come to shore when they are dying or “really hungry”.

Marshallsea told one news site that the shark, ”  just missed me with a bite.” He said that the shark was docile just a moment before it attempted to take a bite from his leg.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident. With a name like Marshallsea, it doesn’t look like the shark ever had a chance.