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Danielle Vapor rub, medicine, addiction, weird habits, Texas, TLCThis week’s episode of “My Strange Addiction” takes viewers into the life of Danielle, a San Antonio woman with an addiction that is sure to cure the sniffles.

For 33-year-old Danielle, life hasn’t been the same since she was introduced to Vapor Rub nearly 20-years-ago. She claims to use vapor rub inhalers every 30 minutes as a way to satisfy her urge for the vapor rub’s strange burning sensation.

“I remember the first time that I put it on my chest because I was sick and it smelled so good to me  I wanted to taste it,’ explained Danielle.

This week, the show offers an even matchup to last week’s show in which featured a New York woman addicted to eating deodorant. As the season progresses, so does the insanity on “My Strange Addiciton.”

Spending hundreds of dollars per month, Danielle’s cravings have taken a strange turn over the years. Going from inhaling the paste and rubbing it on her body, to a whole new level  in which she eats it right out of the jar.

“I just get a scoop, put it on the back of my tongue,” said Danielle. “It’s hot, then it turns cold, then it goes back and forth. I like to feel it melt in the back of my throat, it’s so relaxing.”

Catch Danielle on this week’s episode of “My Strange Addiction” at 10pm on TLC.