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Music_News_Pop__Miley_Cyrus___We_Can_t_Stop__Gets_Cleaned_Up_By_Rebecca_Black.jpgRebecca Black made it big on YouTube last year with the release of her catchy song “Friday”. Now, to bring back all of the excitement of our weekly calendar, Black has released a new song tiled, “Saturday”. Complete with hot dogs, bad dancing, inflatables and twerking, the video parodies her hit from last year.

The song begins with Black waking up after a massive party, to a room of complete mayhem. Surrounded by a group of fellow teen partiers, Black makes her way through another electronically resounding YouTube song that will most likely become another hit. Travelling in a convertible, all the way to the beach and then back to another crazy party where things just get really weird.

Non-fans of Black have left her some pretty discouraging comments on her YouTube page. With comments like,


Is she trying to piss us off?

This ruined my saturday

Of course, there are the Rebecca Black sympathizers that actually support her new song, in which she basically makes fun of herself.

Supporters came back with comments like:

I really really really enjoy the song :D Gonna jam to it every weekend now! It’s super catchy and carefree too!

Come on Rebecca, get this on the Google Play store!

Loving reading the comments from people who don’t understand she’s making fun of “Friday.” Nice job Rebecca! That takes a lot of character.

Don’t take our word for it, check out her new video below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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