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Ryan and Evan inside Ryan’s bone laboratory.

This week’s episode of Oddities will surely send a chill down viewer’s spines as Ryan showcases his collection of unusual artifacts.

A photographer makes his way into the shop, asking Mike and Evan to provide him with artifacts that he could use for his latest photo shoot focused around human skulls. Mike and Evan knew exactly where to go, eventually ending up at Ryan’s home where he reveals his eclectic collection of human bones.

Ryan showcases his “cabinet of curiosity” which is full of all kinds of nifty bone creations including a skull decorated with dried flowers and silkworm cocoons.

This isn’t the most unusual piece in Ryan’s collection.  The bone collector ends up loaning Mike and Evan a piece that is so interesting, it may actually hurt your brain.

Also featured on this week’s episode is Andy Animal who tries to sell Ryan an antique Chamber Pot and a guy who brings in a giant whale bone he found on the Jersey Shore.

Oddities is a show based on a unique antique shop in New York’s East Village that is owned by Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson. The duo own the shop, Obscura Antiques & Oddities, which has become the home to some of the most bizarre and one-of-a-kind artifacts in the country.

Watch this episode on March 2 at 9 pm (EST) on the Science Channel.