WATCH: Nearly-naked Siberian woman fined for late night jog

bikini joggerA nearly-naked Siberian woman made headlines recently after her sub-zero jog in a bikini made for an enthusiastic drive for passing motorists.

The unidentified 23-year-old Siberian woman was spotted (and filmed) running down Lenin Avenue in Tomsk. wearing only her bikini top and bottoms. The woman managed to jog down the road for quite some time before being stopped by police outside the The Youth Theater to Lenin Square, according to Siberian Times.

“It turned out that the race took place on the 28 February. The girl had to pay a 200 rouble fine for the traffic rule violation,” explained traffic officer Dmity Amelin to the Siberian Times.”The amount, of course, is quite small. But the act itself can influence her future career: for example, if the girl wants to get a job in the law enforcement bodies or the court, she won’t be able to do it.”

The woman did manage to walk away without any real charges, however, she was forced to pay a fine of 200 roubles ($6.50).

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