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gold nugget, 12 pound gold nugget

Image:YouTube screenshot

A day of prospecting turned fortunate for an Australian man who discovered a huge gold nugget in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia last week.

The name of the man who found the 12.1 pound gold nugget last week has not been released dut\e to privacy reasons. A YouTube video from user, TroyAurum, shows the massive piece of gold measuring 8.7 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

According to sources, the nugget has an estimated value of $300,000 and is one of many future finds in that region of Australis where it is said that a gold boom is brewing.

The prospector found the nugget using a Minelab GPX5000 super metal detector, with an Advantage Plus ‘Sadie’ mono eliptical coil, and a Rooster Booster audio enhancer

According to TroyAurum’s YouTube page:

The prospector said he heard the signal, kicked off about 100mm (4 inches) of leaf mulch from the surface, and thought the ground looked in original condition ie it hadn’t been dug previously. It was lying flat in the ground, and was over 60cm (2 feet) deep in the earth/clay/gravels.

The hefty piece of gold is for sale at The Mining Exchange Gold Shop in Victoria, Australia.