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By malias (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsAh, the dreaded time change. The best way to remember which way to switch the clocks is, “Spring forward, fall back”. But what if we didn’t have to remember that at all? What if we could ignore that antiquated version of American history and get back to living our lives like normal.

There is some hope on the horizon. It appears that some petitioners have begun to question the 100-year-old method of turning the clocks, sending the White House a petition to stop the madness.

The petition states:

Daylight Savings Time is an archaic practice in our modern society.

The original reasons for the policies are no longer applicable, and the most cited reason for keeping DST (energy savings) has never been shown to be true.

Some industries still like DST (like sporting equipment retailers), but there are many more who dislike the changed hours (like television).

The real issue, however is not the later hours or extra sunlight. Studies have shown that changing the clocks is responsible for health problems (including increased heart attack and vehicular accident risks) and leads to hundreds of thousands of hours of lost productivity in workplaces across the country. Also: It’s really annoying.

We should either eliminate DST or make it the year-round standard time for the whole country.

Your point is well taken C.D. of Loveland, Ohio, the person responsible for starting the petition. Who needs the hassle of resetting our clocks? Who wants to be a zombie for half the year, only to adjust and become a zombie again for the rest of the year.

President Obama, this is the change we are looking for. Please stop daylight saving time and let us get back to living life naturally.

On a more serious note, if you are in fact sincere about stopping DST, please click here to sign the petition and get the legislators in D.C. to wake up. There are currently 20,000 signatures on the petition, but it looks like a solid 100,000 are needed to get their attention in Washington.