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Photo Credit: jude from Cambridge, MA, USA via Wikimedia Commons

Here piggy, piggy!

These may have been the last words uttered by an Oregon farmer who allegedly was found dead and eaten by his own hogs.

Terry V. Garner,70, went out to feed his pigs and when he didn’t return, the family got worried, according to a report by NBC. It was reported that when Garner was found, he had been eaten alive by several of his 700+ pound hogs.

The report claims that one of the hogs had previously been aggressive towards Garner. Another report claims that Garner had planned on killing the angry hog and had a change of heart.

His remains have been sent to a pathologist and will soon be sent to a forensic anthropologist at the University of Oregon.

The big question is : How did the hogs get Garner into a position to eat him?

NBC says the Coos County Sheriff speculates he could have had a “health event” such as a heart attack.

Foul play has not been ruled out.