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Photo Credit: CCSO

Photo Credit: CCSO

A July 4th celebration in Naples, Florida almost sent a neighborhood up in smoke after an upset neighbor attacked a neighbor in a wheelchair and threated kids with gasoline. was able to obtain the July 5 press release from the Collier’s County Sheriff Office , which explains how 72-year-old Richard Rice approached several families holding a bottle labeled “Gas” while they were out celebrating the Fourth of July in their driveway.  He then told the families, “The Parties Over” and threatened to pour gasoline on the street and driveway so that when the kids lit the fireworks they would catch fire.

According to the report, while the kids had sprinkler’s lit, Rice then poured the gasoline down on the pavement near the kids, causing the parents’ to yell at the kids to get away from the gas.

According to witnesses, Rice’s wheelchair-bound neighbor Micheal Jones tried to stop Rice but not before Rice grabbed his wheelchair and flipped him over, sending the disabled man to the ground.  Jones suffered “several cuts, scratches and road rash to his knees and elbows.” Rice also allegedly spilled gasoline on the disabled man as he lay helpless on the ground.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 and following an investigation by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Rice was arrested and faces charges of Abuse on an Elderly or Disabled adult.

Neighbors of Rice told deputies that Rice is unstable and “acts strange” at times. Investigators say that Rice smelled strongly of alcohol during his arrest.

Rice told officers that Jones attempted to hit him with his wheelchair however, several witnesses say that Rice was the one who assaulted Jones. Jones told deputies that he was upset with the neighbors because the fireworks were disturbing his dogs.

Rice was taken to the Naples Jail Center where he is currently being held on an unspecified bond amount.