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We managed to get the scoop on tonight’s “My Strange Addiction”, and top be brutally honest, it might be the most disgusting episode to date.

Sure, everyone remember’s the woman that eats deodorant, and the vapor rub eater and even the woman who drinks her own blood. But how about a woman that enjoys eating dirty diapers.

Meet Keyshia, a Queens woman that has a healthy appetite for the irresistable taste of a urine soaked diaper.

“The heavier ones, that have more pee, smell better,” explains Keyshia.

The pregnant 22-year-old says that her addiction began two years ago and ever since then, she has stockpiled a collection of diapers to keep her urges satisfied.

“I love it, it just tastes amazing,” explains Keyshia, as she gnaws on a saample of her favorite delicacy. “I have one while I’m cooking in the kitchen, and I have one in my drawers and I have one while I’m sleeping, I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book.”

Unfortunately for Keyshia, her fiance is a little PO’ed about her addiction and might not tolerate her diaper eating much longer.

Tune in to “My Strange Addiction” Wednesday nights at 10/9C.


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