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Lisa eats her cat's hair as a way to bond with her pets. Photo Credit: TLC

Lisa eats her cat’s hair as a way to bond with her pets. Photo Credit: TLC

Season 4 of “My Strange Addiction” kicks off this week, promising to spark viewer curiosity with some of the most bizarre and unusual habits ever known to man.

The premier episode opens up with Lisa, a 43-year-old Detroit woman who is addicted to eating cat hair. Lisa spends her time devouring clumps of cat fur, describing her secret addiction as a moment of comfort. Lisa has spent the last 15 years eating cat hair as a way to feel closer to her pets.

“Just chewing it is relaxing, it’s a comforting feeling,” explained Lisa. “Her fur is such an interesting texture; it’s so soft and puffy—like cotton candy, almost.”

Spending around two hours per day chewing and eating cat hair, Lisa also finds comfort in licking her cat, much like a “momma cat” would.

She licks and grooms the cat’s ears, shoulders and head as if she was a cat herself.

“It’s a bonding thing, we both seem to enjoy it,” says Lisa.

Another notable addiction on the season premier features a Florida couple addicted to coffee enemas.

Mike and Trina treat themselves to a brisk coffee enema daily. The couple spends hours each day cleansing and purifying themselves with a cool coffee enema.

Season 4 of “My Strange Addiction” promises to be chock full of absurdity addictions including a young woman addicted to eating deodorant, a man who maintains intimate relationships with pool toy inflatables, a young mother addicted to butt injections, a woman addicted to bee stings, and a woman so addicted to vapor rub that she goes through more than 30 jars, inhalers and patches every week. The finale ends with a woman who is addicted to drinking blood.

“My Strange Addiction”, season 4 premiers February 13 at 9 pm (EST) on TLC.