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Allsion eats tires 2This week’s episode of “My Strange Addiction” takes viewers into the home of Allison, a young woman addicted to eating tires, according to a March 6,2013 reprort from RadarOnline.

Yep, you read it right, car tires.

Allison has managed to eat as much as 50 tires in the last six years.

“The rubber tire pieces taste really chemically, like a shock to your taste buds. It’s amazing,”  says Allison.

The 19-year-old sits around the house with a bowl of little rubber pieces by her side, snacking on the tiny morsels of synthetic material much like it is a bowl of popcorn.

Her addiction has taken over her life and on a daily basis, Allison can eat as much as two feet of rubber, which equals about 14 pounds per month.

“The texture of the rubber pieces is like beef jerky. It’s a work out for your jaw,” explains Allison.

Also featured on tonight’s episode is a woman addicted to eating vapor rub.

Catch Allison on this week’s episode of “My Strange Addiction” at 10pm on TLC.