VIDEO: Anne Hathaway Says She’s Ready to Just “Be Married and Take It Easy”

Anne Hathaway is poised for another major award season with her role in director Christopher Nolan’s space odyssey, Interstellar, but it turns out the star has some very down-to-earth personal plans for 2015.

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VIDEO: WATCH: Cool Couple Survives Icy Car Crash

A couple’s dashboard camera has revealed that they’re probably the coolest people ever. Yegor Bonderav and his wife Llyana were driving over the River Lukva in the Ukraine, when suddenly they hit a patch of black ice and spun out off the road. Right after losing control of his vehicle and landing in a snow bank, Yegor somehow had the presence of mind to look at his wife and say, “Well, it looks like we’ve arrived.”

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VIDEO: Home Auction Begins At Less Than $2

The ultimate fixer-upper went up for auction in Newcastle, England and the bids started at £1, or about $1.60. The three-bedroom house definitely has its upsides, like its price, but there are also several downsides, like the fact that there are huge holes in the floor. While it was marketed as Britain’s cheapest house, it ended up going for a bit more than a few dollars. After furious bidding, it eventually sold for just over £19,000 ($30,000). Still, a pretty good deal, as long as you have a lot of patience, a vacuum, and a giant garbage can.

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