Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart back on? TMZ is reporting that the duo never parted ways. Sources close to the couple claim the split was a business move and that they never stopped seeing each other. Allegedly while Jennifer was on the set of Boy Next Door, the films executives wanted to stir up… Read More


If there’s one thing our favorite Hollywood stars know how to do, it’s cry. Chris Pine sobbing at the Oscars. Kristen Bell balling her eyes out over a sloth. It’s all magic to watch, and we thought it was high time they got some recognition for their tears. We present you with the first-ever Hollywood… Read More


The men’s room of a restaurant in Taiyuan, China includes a display where three lingerie-clad mannequins stand behind glass in front of the urinals in the restroom. And the male customers at the restaurant are having a hard time with it, because the mannequins are staring directly at them. Would you be able to use… Read More


Two days after Angelina Jolie penned an essay in The New York Times about removing her ovaries and fallopian tubes to head off cancer, Kelly Osbourne is coming forward admitting that she will get the same surgery as Jolie to avoid the risk. During an interview on The Talk, the 30-year-old revealed that she’s facing… Read More


Did Charlie Ebersol put a ring on it already?!? Britney and her boyfriend of six months are on a Hawaiian vacation with her two sons and was spotted showing off a diamond ring on her ring finger on her way to the pool. There is no official comment on whether they are officially engaged but… Read More


A company has invented a new toy that can have an entire conversation with kids. It’s called CogniToy, and it’s a plastic dinosaur that is powered by IBM’s super computer, Watson. So, it basically knows the answer to every question, and can even tell jokes, stories, and remember things. Parents – would you buy CogniToy?… Read More


Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has officially been fired from the BBC show after a fight with one of its producers. CNN is reporting that Clarkson busted his producers lip in an alleged unprovoked attack after he offered the host a plate of cold cut instead of steak. Also, the producer has accused Clarkson of… Read More


Downton Abbey may have officially confirmed today that it will end after season 6, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t have hope to see their favorites again. The producers have said they are hoping for a Downton Abbey movie, which made fans across the world go crazy. With over 12.9 million viewers worldwide Downton Abbey… Read More


Customs officials at Bergamo Airport recently stopped an unnamed man trying to mail a giant prehistoric egg worth $125,000 to Los Angeles. When asked why he was trying to send a giant, 12,000 year-old “Elephant Bird” egg to the city of Angels he explained that it was a wedding gift. Customs officials aren’t buying it… Read More


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Celine Dion is heading back to Las Vegas after taking a year hiatus to care for her ailing husband. The Song Diva took time off from her career and show to care for him after he was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. In an emotional interview, Celine revealed that she feeds him through… Read More


After weeks in the hospital, Bobbi Kristina unfortunately hasn’t made any progress since she was admitted in the hospital in January. Now her grandmother Cissy Houston is breaking her silence regarding her granddaughter’s state. Whitney Houston’s 81-year-old mother revealed to New York radio station 107.5 how Bobbi Kristina is doing. During this rough time, the… Read More