VIDEO: Hacked Jennifer Lawrence Pics Raise iCloud Safety Questions

While the legitimacy of hundreds of nude photos of celebrities is being called into question, some reps have confirmed the women were hacked.

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VIDEO: Which Celebrity Had the Sexiest Summer?

Celebrities really know how to Summer, but some stars truly excel at the art of sun and fun – we’re talking yachts, bikini selfies, partying with models, shirtless horseback riding . . . all the basics, right?! This Summer has some real standouts including jet-setting Leonardo DiCaprio and his man-pony, crazy-hot couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, and more – find out who else made the cut!

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VIDEO: Missing Cat Had Been Leading a Double Life

A two-timing cat in New Zealand has finally been found out. For almost ten years, one Siamese cat has lived with two families, one under the name “Ming” with the Alexanders, and the other using the name “Cleo” with the Smiths. Now, the two families are trying to figure out how to handle custody of Ming/Cleo, and both families say they just want the two-timing cheat to be happy. Let us know what you would do in the comments below.

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